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Broken Concrete Coffee Table

Broken Concrete Coffee Table

A broken concrete coffee table is a beautiful artistic way to show your guests that you were creative enough to make something out of whatever materials you had. If you have a beautiful and useful Concrete Coffee Table and you want to repair it due to various problems, you should definitely read this article.

Broken Concrete Coffee Table After unpacking the tables I realized that one had a broken leg.

I created a live-action video of myself trying to break the table’s leg with my foot, followed by dousing water on it. The creativity and craftsmanship of this project is superb. This unique and beautiful coffee table was made from broken and repurposed concrete.

Barbara noted that her family loves their coffee table because it is unique and can be disposed of without guilt.

The piece is very sturdy, the holes are caulked to avoid leaks. It’s their first outdoor piece they have done that goes against the brick wall.

The family loves the rug on the table – it makes it feel complete! She commented on how they were all trying to find ways to reuse, rather than just throwing things away, so this seemed like a good way to do so.

What You Will Need:

A large empty coffee can or some other kind of vase

Broken Concrete Coffee Table

Supplies Needed


1 bag of leveling sand (or gravel)

8 pieces of rebar rods…

1 bag

The video also demonstrates me pouring some coke on the table, which sticks to it because of its open pores.”

DIY Polished Concrete Coffee Table with Crushed Glass

What is the best way to fix a broken concrete coffee table?

The original article mentioned that the concrete coffee table had cracked and broken. The article also mentions that the concrete was “too heavy to be repaired.” This leads me to think that the best way to fix this issue would be with some form of adhesive or glue.

Broken Concrete Coffee Table

Many people are not aware that they can actually buy a broken concrete coffee table. You will not break your budget with these tables.

Broken concrete coffee tables are different from many other types of tables because they are made with recycled materials.

If you love the idea of living green, then this is the perfect type of table for you. There is no need to worry about your carbon footprint because these tables contribute to less pollution and help create cleaner environments.

This is a table made out of concrete, which has been broken in some places. The table may appear to be in poor condition but it is actually quite sturdy, and can still be used for many purposes.

The conclusion of this introduction is that the table is not in poor condition and can still be used.

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